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Scylax specializes in conducting projects designed to directly influence our clients’ profitability by delivering actionable information, analysis, and advice.
In these challenging economic times, there is no need to hire outside expertise unless the work is directed toward driving company profitability. The market research information, advice, and other services provided to our clients are confidential and designed to provide an advantage in the market place to directly impact profitability. To advance the interests of our clients around the world either through our own resources or our network of global specialists, Scylax provides:

A particular emphasis for Scylax is representing companies seeking to expand into foreign markets while minimizing costs. The on-going downsizing within large companies as well as the lack of resources for smaller organizations has made outsourcing the primary means of achieving results. Our experts have extensive experience helping companies enter new markets or representing firms seeking to improve their knowledge of a competitive situation to make information-based decisions. We can also act as your overseas sales force to minimize overhead costs while pursuing international opportunities. Our clients save time and money by outsourcing activities to Scylax and avoiding costly business and legal mistakes and entanglements associated with selecting the wrong local distributor or partner, choosing the incorrect local corporate structure, misreading the business or political environment, or simply making critical decisions without reliable information.

For more information about ways Scylax can assist your company pursue profit-driven international business opportunities, please contact:

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